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Oh Fudge

I blew it. After deciding to rethink and revisit DMing under a general sense of what OSR means, I went back to old habits.

I fudged a dice roll to avoid character death.

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How I Learned to Love Not Making Skill Rolls

I had a thought about a post for today and luck of luck, this post about skill rolls pretty much lined up perfectly with what I was already thinking about

A slight tangent: The quote that doesn’t feel right to me, which is near the end of the article, is “rolling a die and adding a number to it is not inherently pleasurable” (paraphrased slightly). I do have a bone of contention here because not only am I certain that my players find it pleasurable (they have been known to come up with excuses to roll when it was not at all necessary), I think that a certain amount of gambling theory is based on people deriving pleasure from this sort of thing.


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Some Questions Answered

The excellent noisms made a post with a bunch of questions for RPG bloggers and even though this’ll wind up being the third post on the blog, anchors aweigh!:

Book binding. (I can’t be the only person who bemoans the way new rulebooks tend to fall apart like a sheaf of dry leaves after about 5 seconds of use).

The only books of mine that are falling apart is an original Unearthed Arcana that I got second-hand and the binding was failing well before it was passed on to me. All of my modern books are in pretty good shape; this is because I generally use pretty hacked-together systems and discourage use of books for anything other than looking up prices for things.

This is a general problem as books have been more and more crappily bound as they’ve become more mass-market (and because a lot of the old book-binding glues were toxic to work with and now we have some sort of workplace protection for people (this also applies to shoes, my uncles know the exact year cut-off for when Chuck Taylor All-Stars went from “the canvas will go first” to the soles constantly flapping off)).

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