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Oh Fudge

I blew it. After deciding to rethink and revisit DMing under a general sense of what OSR means, I went back to old habits.

I fudged a dice roll to avoid character death.

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How I Learned to Love Not Making Skill Rolls

I had a thought about a post for today and luck of luck, this post about skill rolls pretty much lined up perfectly with what I was already thinking about

A slight tangent: The quote that doesn’t feel right to me, which is near the end of the article, is “rolling a die and adding a number to it is not inherently pleasurable” (paraphrased slightly). I do have a bone of contention here because not only am I certain that my players find it pleasurable (they have been known to come up with excuses to roll when it was not at all necessary), I think that a certain amount of gambling theory is based on people deriving pleasure from this sort of thing.


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Hacking a System, the Consensus Method

One thing that I’ve been trying to do lately is talk with the players before each session about how they feel about the system and the various mechanics that I’ve been coming up with. It’s a good time for it because we’re generally just eating some dinner-type food, the kids are getting ready for bed and we’re all getting warmed up for hucking slave-slaads down slime-pits and then lowering the halfling down said pits on a rope.

Anyway, the player who’s playing the arcane spellcaster was talking about how because of the aggravated wound system connected to casting spells, that although it made magic mysterious and dangerous, it also resulted in the party just taking whole weeks off to rest up so that they can get rid of those piled-up wound points because, in a system where death is just one or two swings of an axe away, having those points missing is pretty huge. Although I was initially resistant, I could see his point, we had to take the efficiency of the meta-game into account just as much as┬áverisimilitude, and that doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing the latter for the former.

So we added a new damage track.

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Bake Your Own Combat

Last time I covered how I’d cobbled together a magic system, which has been one of the two major mechanical issues I’ve had after deciding to “roll my own”. The other is combat, which I’ve decided to essentially wing, starting with something as simple as I can make it and adding stuff from there with the idea of coming up with something functional without being totally arcane.

Base actions have been pretty easy. An attack roll is Strength or Agility + Weapon skill. It is then compared to a target’s defense. Defense = Agility roll, unless the target is using an action to Dodge or Parry in which case it becomes either Agility + Athletics/Dodge or Agility + Weapon respectively.

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